Torrox culture: Caviclum During the excavation there were found some skeletons of former inhabitants of Caviclum. Torrox culture: Caviclum Within the interpretation center the former trade operations are explained. Torrox culture: Caviclum Videos explain Caviclum's history. Torrox culture: Caviclum Outside of the interpretation center you will find the excavations. Torrox culture: Caviclum Some parts of the excavations are still in pretty good shape. Torrox culture: Caviclum One clearly recognizes the structure of the former settlement. Torrox culture: Caviclum On the lighthouse you can find explanation panels which offer information about the tower. Torrox culture: Caviclum You also get some information about the skeleton found during the excavations.
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Caviclum: Roman heritage in Torrox

The archeological excavation on the lighthouse of Torrox Costa shows the relicts of a former Roman colony from the first century after Christ. This colony was called Caviclum and offered a pottery workshop, a factory in which they prepared fish, thermal baths and a residence for rich people amongst others. The excavation was called heritage site in 2007. Next to the excavation there is an interpretation center which cleared the roman history within this colony and now offers information as well as fotos and videos about the excavation. (Editor/Photos/Video: mit – Source: Tourism office Torrox)


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