Estepona culture: History museum Immediately after the entrance, the torero exhibition begins. Estepona culture: History museum Numerous pictures of famous toreros and garments adorn the rooms. Estepona culture: History museum Known Toreros from back then. Estepona culture: History museum The basement also houses a paleontological exhibition. Estepona culture: History museum On the first floor are old appliances used in agriculture. Estepona culture: History museum Clay pottery from back then. Estepona culture: History museum An old dare which was used decades ago. Estepona culture: History museum An old fishing boat.
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Museum: Get to know the history of the city of Estepona

A great insight into the history of Estepona can be found in the city's History Museum. It is divided into three different categories: bullfighting, paleontology and ethnology. On two floors the museum presents numerous pictures, clothing and exhibits of formerly known Toreros, old equipment which farmer once used and excavations and replicas of dinosaur skeletons. (Editor/Photos/Video: mit – Source: City history museum)


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