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Since June 2019, a coalition of Socialists (PSOE) and Ciudadanos has ruled Algarrobo. Alberto Pérez Gil is mayor for the second time in a row. The PP leader Natacha Rivas would even have resigned if Ciudadanos had thereby agreed to a pact with the PP. (Editor/Photo: mit)


PP PSOE Cs Explanation: At the municipal elections 2019 a total amount of 1.302 people (42,15%) voted for PP. 1.325 people (42,89%) voted for the PSOE and 358 people (11,59%) for Ciudadanos. The PP and the PSOE do have six councillor each. Ciudadanos has only one councillor.


1979 - 1983: Enrique Pérez Ramos, Mayor (Party: UCD)

1983 - 2007: Enrique Rojas de Haro, Mayor (Party: PSOE)

2007 - 2015: Natacha Rivas Campos, Mayoress (Coalition: PP and PA)

2015 - now: Alberto Pérez Gil, Mayor (Party: PSOE)
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