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In the 2019 local elections, Torrox was the scene of a novelty. For the first time, the PP won an absolute majority in the municipal elections. Mayor Óscar Medina was confirmed in office after four years governing in Torrox. (Editor/Photo: mit)


PP PSOE IU Cs Explanation: At the municipal elections 2019 a total amount of 3.231 people (48,37%) voted for PP. 1.551 people (23,22%) voted for the PSOE, 897 people (13,43%) for IU Andalucía and 665 people (9,96%) for Ciudadanos. The PP has nine, the PSOE four, the IU three and Ciudadanos two councillor.


1979 - 1983: Ildefonso Mateos Gutiérrez, Mayor (Party: PSOE)

1983 - 1987: Félix Castán Baeza, Mayor (Party: PSA)

1987 - 1991: José Castro Sánchez, Mayor (Party: AP-PDP-UL)

1987 - 1992: Ildefonso Mateos Gutiérrez, Mayor (Party: PSOE)

1992 - 1999: José Pérez García, Mayor (Party: IULV-CA)

1999 - 2007: Francisco Muñoz Rico, Mayor (Party: PSOE)

2007 - 2011: Antonia Claros Atencia, Mayoress (Party: IULV-CA)

2011 - 2015: Francisco Muñoz Rico, Mayor (Party: PSOE)

2015 - now: Óscar Medina, Mayor (Party: PP)
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