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The PP won the municipal elections in Mijas in 2019. However, they could not achieve an absolute majority. As a result, the PSOE has joined forces with Ciudadanos to form a governing coalition and the mayor. (Editor/Photo: mit)


PP PSOE Cs Pod Vox Explanation: In the local elections of 2019, 7.322 voters (30,41%) voted in favor of the PP. For the PSOE, there were 6.610 (27,45%), for Ciudadanos 5.120 (21,26%), for Podemos 1.415 (5,88%) and for Vox 1.339 (5,56%) voters. The PP represents nine, the PSOE eight and Ciudadanos six city councillor. Podemos and Vox have one city councillor each.


1979 - 1997: Antonio Maldonado Pérez, Mayor (Party: PSOE)

1997 - 2009: Agustín Moreno Muñoz, Mayor (Party:PSOE)

2009 - 2011: Antonio Sánchez Pacheco, Mayor (Party: PSOE)

2011 - 2015: Ángel Nozal Lajo, Mayor (Party: PP)

2015 - 2019: Juan Carlos Maldonado Estévez, Mayor (Party: Ciudadanos)

2019 - now: Josele González Pérez, Mayor (Party: PSOE)
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