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In the 2023 municipal elections in Rincón de la Victoria, the PP (Partido Popular) secured an absolute majority of the votes, reaffirming Mayor Francisco Salado in office. (Editor/Photo: mit)


PP PSOE CA Vox PmP Explanation: In the 2023 municipal elections, 10.102 (45,66%) voters supported the PP. The PSOE received 4.478 (20,24%), Con Andalucía 2.348 (10,61%), VOX 2.078 (9,39%) and Por mi Pueblo 1.727 (7,8%) votos. The PP has 13, the PSOE has 5, Con Andalucía has 3 and Vox and Por mi Pueblo each have 2 councillors.


1979 - 1983: Aurelio Robles Garrido, Mayor (Party: G. IND.)

1983 - 1989: José Fco. Ruiz Montes, Mayor (Party: PSOE)

1989 - 1995: Clemente Caballero Montañez, Mayor (Party: PSOE)

1995 - 2003: José Mª Gómez Muñoz, Mayor (Party: PP)

2003 - 2005: José J. Domínguez Palma, Mayor (Party: PSOE)

2005 - 2007: José Francisco Salado Escaño, Mayor (Party: PP)

2007 - 2009: José Miguel Fernández Domínguez, Mayor (Party: PSIRV)

2009 - 2011: Encarnación Anaya, Mayoress (Party: PSOE)

2011 - 2015: José Francisco Salado Escaño, Mayor (Party: PP)

2015 - 2017: Encarnación Anaya, Mayoress (Party: PSOE)

2017 - now: José Francisco Salado Escaño, Mayor (Party: PP)
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