Torremolinos clubs: Taekwondo Warm up exercises. Torremolinos clubs: Taekwondo Combat shoes with soft padding, so that nobody gets hurt. Torremolinos clubs: Taekwondo Preparation for a practice fight. Torremolinos clubs: Taekwondo Fast and high foot movements – a sign of Taekwondo. Torremolinos clubs: Taekwondo The opponents line up for the fight. Torremolinos clubs: Taekwondo While the trainer explains something, the participants watch eagerly. Torremolinos clubs: Taekwondo At the end of the training the participants as well as the trainer say goodbye with dignity and honor. Torremolinos clubs: Taekwondo Even before and after a fight, respect is shown to the opponent by an honourable bow.
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Torremolinos: Sports for body and mind

Sports for body and mind

If you want to train your body and mind, the Taekwondo club in Torremolinos is the place for you. This sport is a Korean martial art. The word Taekwondo (also Tae-Kwon-Do or Taekwon-Do) is composed of three Sino-Korean syllables. "Tae" stands for foot and points to the different foot techniques. ... more
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