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Trip planning

For those who want to spend their holidays in Torrox, we have put together some information that can be useful when booking the trip as well as during your stay. (Editor/Photo: mit)


Booking There are many places to stay: from hotels, bed and breakfasts and motels to resorts, villas, chalets and holiday homes. Whether you are planning your holiday long term or last minute. There is something suitable for every holidaymaker. Hostelworld Hostels are ideal for tourists who like to travel from place to place. The dormitory is usually shared with other travellers. But nowhere else do you get to know people as quickly as in a hostel. AirBnB Book an accommodation in top location for one or more people and for a good price. You can do this at AirBnB and enjoy your holiday in a relaxed way.

Free sleeping places

Couch Surfing Couch surfing is for people who want getting to know cosmopolitan people. Apartment or house owners who are registered in the couch surfing community offer travellers a free place to sleep (e.g. a couch). However, these accommodations are only suitable for single travellers who only stay for a short time in the same place. House-Sitting At House Sitting you will find great properties whose owners usually stay abroad for a longer period of time and who provide their accommodation to holidaymakers for the period of their absence so that they can take care of the property. All this for a good price. The holidaymaker takes care of the house or apartment for the duration of the stay.

Rent vehicles

Sixt Be flexible with a vehicle and explore the surroundings of Algarrobo in a relaxed way during your holiday. Sixt offers rental vehicles at affordable prices. The vehicles can be picked up either directly at the airport or next to the train station in Málaga. Hertz With Hertz you can easily reserve vehicles online and even collect points with the "Hertz Gold Plus Reward". Vehicles can be picked up from Malaga airport, María Zambrano train station or Leroy Merlin in Málaga. Europcar You can also rent vehicles through the French company Europcar to stay flexible during your holiday. The rental vehicles can be picked up at the airport or train station in Málaga.


Radio Taxi Torrox To get to Torrox by the fastest route from the airport or from Torrox to any other place on the Costa del Sol, it is advisable to book a taxi. You can book a taxi by calling 951 321 871 or directly on the company's website. Uber You can also get ahead quickly and cheaply by ordering a vehicle from Uber. This only works online via the company's website or app. A registration is necessary in advance. Cabify Another provider that offers a cheap way to get from one place to another is Cabify. Here, too, everything works online or via the company's app. Also for this a previous registration is necessary.


In addition, you should always protect yourself during a stay abroad. A good travel insurance should therefore always be available. Most insurers offer travel insurance between ten and 20 euros per year. This insures a stay of 30 to 50 days in row at a time abroad. In addition, you should think about how you want to pay abroad. Many credit cards, for example, charge a fee for cash withdrawals. But there are bank cards that make payment and withdrawals abroad free of charge.
Important contacts
Phone General: 112 Phone Medical: 061 Phone Guardia Civil: 062 Phone Firefighters: 080 Phone National police: 091 Phone Local police: 092
Phone Information: 913 211 000 Phone Air Europa: 902 401 501 Phone Easyjet: 902 599 900 Phone Eurowings: 900 838 113 Phone Iberia: 901 111 500 Phone Lufthansa: 902 883 882 Phone Ryan Air: 902 051 292 Phone Vueling: 902 808 005
Phone Antequera: 951 061 600 Phone Málaga: 951 290 677 Phone Marbella: 951 976 669 Phone Ronda: 951 065 001 Phone Vélez-Málaga: 951 067 000
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