Río Chillar The tour starts in the dry riverbed. Río Chillar There are a lot of caves. Río Chillar After about 500 meters you reach the place where the river seeps into the ground. Río Chillar From the first wet spot it only takes a few minutes to get to a place where water splashes out of the rocks. Río Chillar The further you go, the more water is in the Río Chillar. Río Chillar On the way you have to pass narrow gorges. Río Chillar The formations of the gorges are simply breathtaking. Río Chillar The canyons become extremely narrow in some places. Río Chillar The river keeps going uphill. Río Chillar The tour becomes more and more adventurous. Río Chillar Obstacles must also be overcome. Río Chillar The tour is suitable for the whole family.
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