Torremolinos municipality Plaza de Cantabria. Torremolinos municipality Shopping arcade. Torremolinos municipality View over Torremolinos from the park La Batería. Torremolinos municipality La Colina in the calle del Sanatorio. Torremolinos municipality Overview over Torremolinos from the calle Boscán. Torremolinos municipality Plaza de Cantabria. Torremolinos municipality Overview of Torremolinos from the plaza de Cantabria. Torremolinos municipality Shopping arcade.
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The city of Torremolinos is located six kilometers next to the provincial capital of Málaga. To the west, Torremolinos borders Benalmádena. It is divided into three districts: El Bajondillo, El Calvario and La Carihuela. (Editor/Photos/Video: mit – Source:, Provincial Administration of Málaga, Info-tables on the places)

With the help of various Neanderthal heads, which were found at the Punta de Torremolinos, scientists were able to prove that already over 150.000 years ago people settled here. In addition, the researchers found objects such as rings, clay vessels and tools, which could be dated back to the Neolithic around 5.000 BC.

In the 14th century, at the time of the Nasrid reign, numerous mills were built in the area of ​​Los Manantiales. To protect these mills and the entire community, a watchtower was also built, which after the reconquista in 1487 catholic kings renamed to the tower of Pimentel. The tower, which in Spanish means torre, and the many mills, which in Spanish means molinos, led to the present naming of the community Torremolinos.

To protect the community in 1770 a fortress with 24-pound cannons and a range of up to six kilometers were built on the ground of where is now the hotel Santa Clara. In addition the defense area contained barracks, storage facilities for ammunition and weapons as well as homes for the military. The fortress site was later converted into a park and designated as La Batería, which means gunnery.

At the end of the 19th century Torremolinos first became a fishing village and a little later a tourism hotspot. In the 1950s Torremolinos was the first place for mass tourism on the Costa del Sol.

Torremolinos lives mainly from tourism. With approximately 80 hotels and just under 20.000 overnight stays the municipality ranks fourth in a national comparison. 134 taxis operate in the city, in which almost 70.000 people live. The municipality also has a connection to the commuter train of the company Renfe, which runs in about 20-minute intervals from Torremolinos to Málaga and back. There are also numerous bus connections.

In addition to the hotels, the bunch of restaurants located in Torremolinos as well as the retail trade ensure that the city is well stocked. All major stores such as Carrefour, Mercadona, Aldi, Lidl and Día are represented in the city. In addition there is a large shopping center in the east of the municipality where shops such as Corte Inglés, Media Markt, Zara, Mango and many more are housed.

The climate in Torremolinos is mild and constant. Within the summer, from May to October, the temperatures rise up to 30 degrees and more by day while they never drop below 20 degrees at night. During the winter from October to May, the temperatures reach a daily value of about 18 to 22 degrees, while at night it could be cold by only ten degrees. All the year you do have a constant humidity. The water temperature rises from 23 to 26 degrees in the summer. In winter it hardly drops below 16 degrees. On average, there are 3.000 hours of sunshine per year.


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